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Ok, I've got an awesome idea.

Pokemon: Rise of Magikarp

Bulbapedia:It is believed that the ancestors of this Pokémon were much stronger than the Magikarp seen today, and this belief has led scientists to research this species.
One day, you turn 14 (yes, in this region it's 14) and get your first pokemon. Suddenly, a magikarp in a tank the professor is
studying breaks free using a move no-one has heard of. It then uses Hydro pump on you and the professor and you go unconscious.
You wake up, and the professor tells you that he's received phone calls reporting several similar cases. He sends you off to find
out what's happening to the Magikarp.

Is this good? How can I improve on it?

EDIT: Ok, it's been 4 days, I think I'll post this soon, regardless of being rated. Eleven and a half hours.
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