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I have to say that many people have the "Jack of all trades, Master of none" syndrome, you can't stop them if they want to try it out. Not that I support them but it is a point to consider.

Otherwise thinking, how much appreciation is there for a fangame, that also made in some free mediocre RPG engine. Can you even make money from your creativity. Do you think you could show this work to someone in the game industry and then not be ridiculed? It's a fangame, yes it is, but of it, how much have you actually done? You already get the engine, and then above that you get the starter kids, and you rip off all the graphics, the sounds, and everything. Nobody here goes into the details of game making. I ask some graphic artist for a tileset, they hand me over the FR/LG tileset! Why doesn't somebody actually create the art, PC is one place with so many artists who would love to help you out. Sound, I can still say that ripped ones are ok, but you've got a better platform, you needn't use the midis so why. Why not something i'd love to hear? Thats what I hate about fangames. They don't create games, they just put it all together in a different manner.

It is too easy for you, and so n00bs end up getting a platform to show their n00bieness. And then ofcourse n00bs have nothing better to do than to just leave a project after a week.

Stop ranting about it, n00bs can't do anything better, and neither can you people consider yourself superior to them, since its not a prestige if you can make a game in RPG Maker.
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