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Rawr! I shall be joining this adventure! <Gabriel joined the party!>

Name- Gabriel

Age- 16

Gender- Male

Birthday- DD/MM --- 12/05

Relatives- Unknown, even to himself.

Item- The most advanced laptop anyone would ever see. (In a carrier bag of course)

Like- Anything electronic.

Dislike- When people are standing too close to him.

Hair color- White

Eye color- Gold

Good point- When something interests him he’s all for it, and will use as much time as he have to, to understand it fully.

Bad point- When something doesn’t interest him, he tends to forget it quickly. He is also rather lazy due to a childhood of being trained in martial arts.

Hobby- Upgrading his computers, especially his laptop.

Appearance- Thin, not that muscular (but able to kick ass anyway), he wears contact lenses to avoid wearing glasses. His clothes are mostly baggy so people don’t notice all the techno gadgets in his pockets and he almost always have a headset around his neck that’s connected to his laptop.

Personality- Gabriel is a loner, not because he has to be, but because he chose to be. He doesn’t like when people get too close to him, and when they do, he moves a bit away. Because of that, he’s never had a girlfriend, but he doesn’t really care about that. However, when someone is in need of help, he’d go through fire to help, that also applies to when people have questions about anything within his field of interest.

Powers and Abilities- Technopathy (Able to control and operate any kind of machine) and Telepathy (Teleportation, mind reading, telekinesis, the usual stuff)

History- Nothing much to tell here, he came from a big city but his parents decided to move to the country and he ended up in the middle of nowhere. There isn’t really a reason to tell more of his history as it’s rather irrelevant to the story at hand.
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