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"I TOLD YOU I UNDERSTAND!" Charlie screamed with tears rushing down the side of his face.

"Your not the only one whose had problems. Both my parents died at the age of ten I had to support myself by taking his place as HEAD CHEF. I was in charge of EVERYONE! Do you know how many people wished to be me? The truth was I HATED IT! Everyone would always pull pranks on me 'cause they were jealous so I finally left to find my relatives here. Guess what! THEY'RE NOW MY ENEMIES! If what that cop-guy said was true about the government and PSX working together then that means my grandparents are PSX agents. Do you know what kind of people they are? My grandfather is a buff military general and my grandmother is an excellent chemist. If they had visited you last night, you WOULD be dead right now... and so would I. Now please Isabel you've already hurt me once, let me be" he shouted at Isabel darkly and breaking away from her grasps to run through the snow.

The snow was now at its strongest and Charlie still didn't care even though this one was most severe.

Credits to Jordan. Paired to Mira and ohHeyVaporeon.