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With Matsuko right behind him, Ikiji nearly flew down the corridors. Per her instructions, he found the kitchen. He dashed in, and looked around. "Which one's the leader?!"

Matsuko looked around, confused, and replied. Ikiji swore.

"Damn! Of all the times to take a stroll..."

With that, he darted out and continued down the hall, leaving everyone in the kitchen staring after him.

He hurried from room to room, but found no one else. He hurried to the front door, but saw a blizzard building outside.

"DAMN! For the love of...!"

Matsuko went to the window, and peered out. Ikiji paced hurriedly.

Where are you?! The enemy is on their way, and you're out for a the middle of a blizzard, no less...

Matsuko turned and spoke to him beratingly. He stopped and yelled.

"We don't have TIME to just sit around and wait! The PXS is en route! Damn...!"

Matsuko responded angrily; she was sparking at him. He sat down, and held his head in his hands.

" are right. Getting angry won't solve anything. I suppose I have no choice but to wait."

And all the while the enemy draws ever closer...

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