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i have a salamence EV'd in with all IV's above 25.
i haven't gotten it to lvl.100 yet so I'm positive of the IV's yet
and its EV's are 236 HP, 64 Attack, 116 SpD, and 92 Speed.
Of coarse i will clone it if that's ok with you,
and return I'd like the any one of the 10th anniversary Entei, Suicune or Raikou

let me know if your interested
I think I'm interested, um what is the nature of the Salamence?

ill throw in a pokemon center eevee (event) and the shiny arcanine if you give me both lucario and starly
As stated I'm not much of a fan of collecting events^^; um anything else simple you can throw in, like a certain natured poke?

what do you want for your Shiny Riolu? I have several shinys, check my thread. (link in sig.)
I'll check your thread in a sec.
Trade thread:

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