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Originally Posted by poddish View Post
Well I saw the 1st post and it said you might include Johto in the 1st beta, well can you hold off on that till beta 2? The hack is great so far. On another subject, what are you doing with those 25 ?? pokemon? Are you going to use them as fakemon, use them for trainer faces (like in ruby destiny life of gardians), or are you just going to let them sit there and take up (a small amount of) space? Also, are you going to add new items over the multiple "blank" ??????? items? Will you make special optional events that only happen if you have Pikachu with you? Like,I don't know, maybe an event where the rockets try to steal pikachu, and while they're escaping they leave something behind that eventually leads to you stopping them from catching mewtwo, and you end up catching it yourself
One of them is going to be A surfing Pikachu, I don't really have a need for any of the rest.