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Originally Posted by shinylugia249 View Post
Well I'm really busy right now. I've pretty much finished signas city and I'm compltely redoing the snow tiles for Rising City and Route 49. Because of this i'm going to put it off till friday, tomorrow. Sorry guys there just too much for me to do (even though i'm on Spring Break) that has nothing to do with Ryen.

I guess I should also reaveal that Florinda is a gym leader (the hints are everywhere in the game). Maybe the 4th or 5th gym leader.


Um, right now.

Yeah, Our first contest had 3 entries too.

Thanks dude! I guess you can call it a hot tub, but I don't it's common to see 2 boys in one these days

Ok, Signas City is pretty much finished (mapping). 44tim44 is the winner of the contest! I took his design and messed around with it and i'm really satisfied with it (and i'm sure you guys will like it too). The city is big and has an underground mall (which I haven't made the tiles for yet or mapped). Just to satisfy everyone here's a screen from signas City:

A vehicle and an underground mall, wow! The update looks great and please keep it up!
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