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Originally Posted by cdrew View Post
With SL's mapping, I wonder if it looks anything like the original. And ya, I suspected Florinda too. I asked you about it and you said that you couldn't answer that (which means yes).

Plus the old lady in the house where you find Nidorino says "The gym leader's pokemon hang out here sonny's, now go get me some tapeoka!" (ok maybe that last part wasn't all true, but close enough)
Are you talking about something in the beta or what? Anyway, the new map will probablly look a whole lot different then the orignial, but it's the same concept and format. Sl might also add some new features into the map that will make the new map different from the original like adding the car and the underground mall. I wonder if he'll add flowers to the map because that's what 44tim44 lacked.