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So I was happily playing Brown today when I came across a very curious glitch. :L


As you know I was having trouble trading so I decided to see if it worked between yellow and borwn. So everything went smoothly, I traded my ivysaur from yellow for hitmonchan from brown and traded back again. When I got out of the trading room I checked my Hitmonchans stats...
Huh!? I could of sworn I was at level 26 before I traded it and it had a name as well!

Hmmm.. This isn't right...
Wait... Bubblebeam? At 61/20 pp Oh and Thunderpunch didn't have any PP. BEFORE I traded it only had Comet punch and Agility.

Wasn't I at level 47 before?

Hmm lets go heal and see what happens

Ooo no glitcheyness anymore, but I still don't have a name!

Huh. I still have!


The screenshots are from the second try. The first time I was fighting an oddish which turned into a beedrill wich got poisoned when I bubblebeamed it then got frz then got burned all in the same turn. But that wasn't all then the beedrill had an hp bar similar to my hitmonchans which would of taken ages to get depleted but luckily i had the speed up button :D When the beedril fainted the game froze so I had to reset it but I was sooo sad that I didn't think to screenshot it.

So all in all I had a pretty fun half an hour with this. Apart from the oddish/beedrill thing it hasn't affected gameplay at all really. Im not complaining about it, just merely informing you of it, because in my opinion its glitches like these that make the 1st gen games soo hilarious!
And my bubblebeam gifted Hitmanchan will probably become a major part of my team now! Im just sorry that it aquired thunderpunch instead of Ice punch :D
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