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My idea is based around some of the glitches from the original R/B/Y games, specifically Glitch City and the Pokemon Missingno.
I call it POKEMON PIXEL. For some reason.

You start out in Johto a young trainer, just getting your first pokemon from neighbor Professor Elm. You've got one major goal- to discover the legendary 'glitch pokemon' Missingo. Your father was a scientist who went missing searching for the glitch on Mt. Silver, and by completing his research, you hope to find out what became of him.
Along the way, you take the pokemon gym challenge, and stop Team Rocket Blast, a fusion of the disbanded Team Rocket and the Team Galactic introduced at Stark Mountain in Pokemon Platinum. Team RB wants to find and harness the glitch pokemon for their energy, which they plan to use in a plan of global economic conquest.
This game takes place about 5 years after G/S/C and D/P/P (which I always group as happening around the same time), and therefore is about 8 years after R/B/Y.

The setting would be a Johto/Kanto combination region, with the climax of the game taking place on Mt. Silver and Glitch City, which would be an actual location in-game instead of a real glitch. Following the completion of the main plot, you would be able to go to the Sevii Islands and take part in the Island League, based off of the Orange Island tournament in the anime.
Gym leaders and settings would be a bit different due to the time gap.
A simple example, Janine would be the Fuchsia City Gym Leader, like in G/S/C, and Koga would be on the Elite Four.
A more radical example would be Blaine's retirement from the Cinnabar Island Gym, which has been taken over by his granddaughter, Cora.

As of right now, I've only got a rough idea of what I want to do with the storyline, and even less of an idea how to actually pull this off. I know there's probably issues in there with the story, and there are certain parts that I'm a bit clueless about.
Like...who would be leading TRB? And would they need a better name? What exactly are their evil plans? Who is your rival, and what is their history with you, if there is any? Would other glitches be wild pokemon in Glitch City? Could you catch the glitches?

Well, tell me what you think. What's good, what's bad, what you'd like to see if I can actually do this, etc. I like constructive criticism.