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Hey Potatomuffin,

just here to say that im pretty thankful for the model list. Here are few additions:
1A = honey tree (yellow tree)
1B = -
1C = -
1D = -
1E = -
1F = -
2A = -
3A = -
4A = -
FF = -
00 = -
AF = -
AA = -
0A = -
19 is actually = BLUE big Twinleaf Town house!
EC = GREEN big Twinleaf Town house!
(this is more specific)
I'm not sure what's going on with number 17.

I didnt bother to search for more for now (note: - means weird red bloc)

It's important to add that this model list (seems to) apply (only) for the Twinleaf Town Map, but definitely not for all maps!
I.e. in Hiro's second floor room, 52 = not red bloc, but the TV! (and 55 is the plant of the corner etc.)

This wasn't clear to me at first. But it kinda prevents a big gym building to be planted inside Hiros living room :p