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Originally Posted by Raiser View Post
Okay, I redownloaded, re-extracted all files, ran associateshell.bat, did the same thing as my last post (changed the required offsets and setvar values), but it still says "Wild AGGRON ran away" or whatever. However, recompiling it does not bring up a defines.dat error log, it's alright now.

It was "Wild MEWTWO..." because it was setvar 0x8004 0x96 (96 = MEWTWO)
But then I changed it to setvar 0x8004 0x180 (180 = RAYQUAZA).

Why does it say AGGRON? My compiled script is basically the same as the first one in my most recent post.
180 is only rayquaza if you discount the gap between GSC and RSE pokemon.

Rayquaza is 0x196 (406 in decimal).

Also, for anyone that can see the "defines.dat" file format
(for each #define; 1 byte: string length +1, then string with null terminator, then 4 bytes: value)
make sure that if you edit it, all the names are in lowercase, as they will not be converted (to save on speed).
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