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Some more things...

Script Errors:
The Man who gives you running shoes will repeatedly give you them.
The man Lying in your way on route 7 faces the player, and he probably shouldnt.

Prof.'s Aide on Route 2 (in one of the housey things) says Gaught instead of Caught. Also the grammar in that sentence is a bit weird, perhaps take out the 'for'.

Underground Pathway:
Please please please change this somehow. Having a cave that anyone can wonder into (and I could see perfectly clear without flash after going down the ladder, is that right?) a cave with lv 16+ pokemon. Especially not 16+ pokemon which have a massive advantage on you. Perhaps a warning of extremely strong digletts or something... a general blockage would be my personal favourite ><.

~Edit I have realised there is actually a 'Cut' tree out of place there, and if its properly placed the cave cannot be entered!

The first Vantrek Gym Leaders pokemon are lv 5 and 6. Personally I think the Gym Leaders pokemon should be significantly better than the normal trainers in his Gym. Since one has a lv 7 (an Electrike I think?) perhaps the Gym Leader could be boosted to lvs 8-10.

Another reason I ask for this is because a trainer on route 2 technically has more levels with a lv 5 Nido and lv 7 Murkrow . Perhaps a rejig of trainer's pokemon? (Although I appriciate thats a lot of work).

Not sure if its an Error error:
The woman between town and Route 2 mentions Golden Pokemon centres - is this yet to be implimented?

Ok I'm done :D Further great Mapping on Route 2 / Salen town , and I love that I could catch a Skitty nice and early :3