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Ah, well, I guess I may as well lose the green text, since it isn't connected to my current avatar/sig. (The reason I started using it is because of YGO!'s Seal of Orichalcos, and I had it as my avatar.) But anyway...

Okay, I admit, I probably set my sights too high when I said I'd be done revising the game by this weekend. I'm still in Goldenrod, and I've been fiddling around with the missing events from Route 32 up to Ilex Forest and Route 34, along with Goldenrod. The farthest I've gotten in Goldenrod is the Dept. Store, which I've modified a bit, so the elevator looks like an elevator now, thanks to a few things ripped from FireRed, and I've also [finally] added the rooftop, which was half-based on Celadon's in FireRed, and the rest on Goldenrod's in Crystal. You can see both below.

I was originally going to use FireRed's green borders around the rooftop, but I decided to re-color them so they would be Goldenrod-colored, given the city and everything.

I'll try to make it to Ecruteak and Olivine this weekend, assuming I don't have to revise/add a lot of events.
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