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Quote originally posted by PokemaxST:
I know that you dont need spriters, i didnt apply for one cus i wouldnt have the time. I just wanted to give you some ideas and see if you needed the bushby change. Honestly though, would it be too hard for you to update your sprites in the first page as soon as you find one that is applicable. On my opinion, my bushby looks much more like a pokemon than yours. Not to be boasting or anything.
It seems I'm virtually invisible to wichu. XD
I've been trying to tell you whether you need the bushby change.
Hmm... maybe i should Spam... XD

Anyway, the game's good as always, although I recommend the old title.
Oh, and clean up your PM folder.

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Quote originally posted by lizardman974:

My Friend Code says "Sell Leo's Legs" if you turn it upside-down!
This is cool!