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Remember how hated those who spoil are in a fandom? XD

But I know how you feel, because I feel that way as well. My fics get so much better later on in the plot, but the beginning chapters are dreadful, so I want to shout from the rooftops that *spoiler* is really awesome and great and well-worth the crap, but I can't.

The best you can do is think over what you say before you post it in your thread. Write a response, but before you Submit Reply, take a few minutes to think it over and see if there's another way to say what you want to say without giving away spoilers.


Sage, Asty. Sage.

Gasp! Plot bunnies are on the attack, but you've got a brainchild to save! How do you keep from wandering off onto those other stories and leaving a poor abandoned fanfiction neglected and in the cold?
It should be quite obvious to those that know me that I don't like children. :D Even my own.

I write what I write when I want to write it. And nyah-nyah to those starving older children of mine. They can take care of themselves.

Okay, I can't answer this question without mentioning my Sims, so...

What do you hate most in fan-fictions?
Val got my thoughts down exactly again.

I should also add that I hate when characterization or a good ending to the story is sacrificed for the sake of the author's personal views. It's nice and all that the author has their beliefs, and that in itself doesn't bother me, but to read about a character acting in a different way that doesn't match up with the way that they've acted in four other books just to fit in with the author's ideals, it annoys the frell out of me.

This kind of fits in with An-chan's rant on romance fics where characters are OOC. It's possible to write in-character fics where two characters get together (unless said character is actually asexual, like the one I'm thinking of from Watchmen, because those characters typically don't get in relationships because that's just how they are. There are of course those asexuals who do get in relationships [romantic as opposed to aromantic] and then there are the indifferent romantics who are still asexual but still... Moving on) but it depends on the personality/age/maturity of said character.

If a character is not one who can readily get in a relationship, especially a romantic one, then it will take either a skilled writer to get them in a healthy relationship, or the author shouldn't paint the relationship as a healthy one when it isn't. Or at least make it believable. That's the main thing I'm looking for in a relationship, even if the people in it are damaged to where the relationship isn't a happy fully healthy one. Just as long as it seems like the relationship is progressing at a natural rate, and that the two in it are ready for that level of relationship (in other words, a character who has never been close to anyone before in their life suddenly getting into a romantic relationship without any thought process behind why they suddenly feel that way), then it's fine.

But like I said, I've seen published authors do that level of fail in relationships.

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