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Originally Posted by txteclipse View Post
Anyway, I've had a problem for a while now (gee, really txt?). I've planned so far ahead with one of my fics that it's killing me to keep the plot contained in my brain. And it's taking me so long to write up to those points that I feel like just clicking into my fic thread and going "holy crap this is all the awesome stuff that's about to happen!" In other words, I've got an itchy trigger finger, and my gun's firing spoilers. Is there any way to alleviate the tension without ruining my fic for my readers?
Hey, I have the exact same problem. Since the beginning of Mama's Boy, I've been planning this ultra mega super huge plot twist. It's an unexpectable event that turns everything upside down for a while and everything, so ever since I posted the prologue, I've been feeling like spoiling it. In fact, I'm having a hard time resisting the urge right now. Although, I don't think many of you read MB, so it wouldn't be that bad... Right? I can tell you, right? RIGHT?

But, well, I try to direct that spoiling energy into writing the fic until I actually reach the awesome stuff I want to spoil. Right now, my huge twist is two chapters away and I'm currently writing it, but I notice that I've piled too much expectations on myself. I'm scared that I'll blow the whole thing with my over-enthusiasm.

After that, I'll write tons of battles. Yeeeah, battles. I don't write enough of those right now. My fics are static.

Originally Posted by Valentine
Sheer talent. ;D
I know. That's what scares me!

That aside, your new username reminds me of Vincent Valentine rather than Ender's sister. Maybe that's because I'm trying to write a FF7 fic. It's not working out so well.

Originally Posted by Bay
And oh, this is coming from the reviews of NE: THAT EVERY ENDING HAS TO BE EPIC. True, we all like confrontations, the world coming to an end, and all that jazz. However, not all stories have to call for that. If you're doing an epic ending just cause it's cool, then no. Endings basically have to somehow connect everything that happened in the story. And yes, I'm fine if it goes either the happy or tragic route. For the most part all of the endings I have done ends with with the characters learning something from their actions (whether they have been redeemed, off the hook,etc. is a whole 'other story).
Ahhh. I'm writing a piece of fantasy-ish original fiction right now, and it has nothing to do with saving the world from an evil overlord. However, almost all fantasy novels have epic endings where the hero saves the world with his (or hers, but mostly his) POWER OF LIGHT/GOOD/LOVE/whatnot, and I get the feeling people won't like my story because only individual lives are saved. YOU GIVE ME HOPE! Someone agrees that not all stories have to be epic ;_; Being epic would really ruin the whole story in this case, because it doesn't suit the protagonist at all.

That said, I definitely prefer happy endings. I like my endings happy at least on some level. There can be sad things, maddening things and so on, but I hate it when books or movies or series end in a sad way (DAMN YOU COLD FEET!), because I tend to think the ending over for weeks and sometimes I even cry because of it. That's not nice. I don't like it. I want at least somewhat happy endings, please.
It's so unfulfilling to read three hundred pages and find out that the character gets killed because of their mistakes or that in fact nobody survived. Or that the bad guy went unpunished and bad things happened to the protagonists who tried their best. Or something like that. Sometimes it is a good way to add power to the teaching of the story, though.

...I write way too much with caps nowadays, don't I?

*throws gasoline into a fire*
So, Astinus, what are your thoughts on Ender in Exile?

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