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Quote originally posted by Valentine:
Oddly enough, I proposed a plot bunny thread to take care of the flood of idea threads we get periodically not too long ago via Asty's and my VMs. Then, we both paused for a moment, laughed about it, and went back to talking about setting sim children on fire.
My friend is actually doing the plot bunny thread at Serebii and it seems to be working fine, but it's a test run at the moment.

Quote originally posted by txteclipse:

Yes it does. Anyway, I came up with this crazy insane idea the other day when a couple of buddies and I were geeking out and bouncing ideas for superpowers off of each other (we had just seen the new Wolverine movie). We (as in we fanfic writers, not we my buddies and I) should totally have a bounce-ideas-off-of-each-other thread. It would solve my problem of feeling like my head is going to explode with all these spoilers I have, and telling people your ideas a) lets you solidify them in your mind and b) lets other people point out possible problems with said ideas.
Heh, I suggest Astinus an idea thread where you can get your ideas critique, like the one in Serebii, but she said the people can do that in the lounge here. So far no one is doing that...:X
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