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The reason no one is posting their ideas in this thread?

Because everyone thinks they are so ~*~SPECHUL~*~ that their idea needs to get ~*~INDIVIDUAL~*~ attention so that people who are much smarter than them can tell them what's wrong with their ~*~SPECHUL INDIVIDUAL SPARKLY~*~ idea and they go ~*~EMO~*~ and ~*~FLOUNCE~*~.

So a sticky thread and a moderator who tells people that no you aren't a ~*~SPECHUL~*~SPARKLY~*~EMO~*~PRETTY~*~SNOWFLAKE~*~ will make it so that no one posts their ideas, and people will then complain that there's no one to talk to about their ~*~PRETTY~*~PRETTY~*~IDEAS~*~.

I'm bitter. And had to cut out a few swears. Sorry. :(


Kill me, by the way.

Actually, no wait. There's a whole list of people that I want to repeatedly stab in the face because they annoy the hell out of me first.