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Originally Posted by txteclipse
J/K, txt!

I support (wholehartedly) the suggestion with regards to Dragonfree's stuff. I only recently started to read AEM so I can't say anything about it.

Also, yay :D for HeartGold and SoulSilver. Names come a little bit strange though. I'm going to stretch it a little and call in MindCrystal *coughPropheticTitlecough* as well...


Now, W/R on my own stuff, thanks txt and Bay for the comments. And I understand the doubts that can stem from the overall idea of the Pokémon being the ones in charge. I guess it can't hurt a bit to go a little bit deeper about the cabal subject here, if it is for the story, and what the h€¢k I love to discuss these kind of stuff anyways...

The thing is, the Pokémon are not the leaders, they are something more like the Executive Committe. The Organization is emimently a human thing, however its history, origins and One True Purpose are something for Pokémon to understand and handle: it was born from a legend they follow, and they keep the humans working "in the right direction".

But this I'm going to enclose in SPOILER tags. It's not that much of a big stuff, but it may feel like I'm giving away the prologue when it is mostly exposition on the M.O.


The previous iterations of the Organization originated from a legend that narrates how the first cities in the land of the adventure came to be. Long story short, a powerful human warrior chose to serve to a Deity so that the first settlements in the region could be established. Something happened, the pact was broken badly, and the Deity had to flee to fight a war against other deities. The warrior tried to restore the pact by praying to the Deity for all eternity. His Pokémon were so disraught that they would not be allowed to help or make their master company, that they protected the secluded settlement designated for the eternal prayer for eternity too, in the hopes that one day the Deity would come back from Its War and return the warrior to them in gratitude.

Eventually similar ruins would appear in other lands, no one knowing who erected them or why. And most people were respectful enough of the "Original Pact" between human and Pokémon (the one referenced in the Canalave Library) that they would not delve deeper.

Cut to more recent times...

Over the course of several generations, some Pokémon have inherited this duty of protection. They would be designated a human to protect, one that the Pokémon agreed they had understanding of a greater good. These humans would eventually create the first Organization. But the Organization changed as humans did, and its original purpose was lost to humans - but not to the Pokémon. They would drive, guide and teach new generations of human about the secrets of their homeland under the guise of being just your everyday common and silly Pokémon with a particular liking for exploration, and pull them to action when required by the original purpose, thus the first Organization was being kept alive. The Leader's Starter is of such a breed.

There are other Pokémon, in other lands, who are taught the importance of specific ruins their kind lives in, and expect to one day be selected to protect them. To become stronger, some serve their local deities, some travel and live alone, and some others take advantage of he Original Pact and seek for a human "good enough" to train them. Sometimes, a Pokémon of the latter kind notices the human whom they help has a closer knowledge of the ruins or a clear disposition to take the path of a protector; then they may lead the human to the Organization, where if they do fine under human evaluation, the Leader's Starter would "kindly suggest" the human in charge that the newcomer, and his Pokémon, would be a fine addition to the group.

This is how the most recent iteration of the Organization came to be, after the latest was supposedly erased from existance by the use of force.

As for throwing a lot of things together, I'm doing essentially a round robin of sorts, event-wise. The focus of the characters is kept at all times on what the Organization should be doing, but the focus of narration shifts between the feelings members have towards each other, their lack of resources, and the search for completion - be it new members or a nice enemy- in a (I hope) orderly fashion according to what further lack each need reveals. I planned a two-way conveyor belt of triggers which I can use to clearly going from one subject to the next, I just haven't had the time to try it on write.

There. Some more food for critics. I hope I am playing this well.
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