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Hi there pipz...
I am not in the mood for scripting today...
I was a salesclerk the whole morning, but meh...
Anyways, I have inserted the legendary sprites in the game.
Here's some preview of the sprites...

Wujifin, credits to Samson...
Gabrieleon, credits to Ledah in deviantArt...

Angeallen, Devihel, Breatherna and Chaomega are inserted.
I replaced Lugia's place for Wujifin...
I'm about to insert Chaomega's backsprite...
I'm also about to insert Guibit and it's preevolution...

That would be all.
Thanks pipz and good day~


Originally Posted by ryanycg View Post
cool beta 2 is here well,all the best

Originally Posted by nixsham View Post
hi i newbie here so i wanna ask about the new map n event still in beta 2 version 3.1 isn'it i try to update this game every day about the new update and also about the new guide for the chapter 4 when it will update...
sorry for asking this....and i will be waiting for the next from of luck...
I think 3.1 is the last update of beta 2...

Originally Posted by ~Watermelon View Post
Nice, I just finished it.
Though the man in Rainleaf Town Gym said Vincent's the Grass-type master. Isn't it Andrew?
Thanks for the report.

Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
Another rival? :D Boy jagold how many more? :D we don't want to have so many exps :D :D :D
Btw Mineral Cave it's kinda... um big :D but as I know you it'll be bigger right? :D So I wanna ask will there be any important event?
Sorry about that...
Also, yeah, Mineral Cave is a big cave, since it goes all around the whole region of Hevah...
Also, of course, there will be.
not sure yet, but it'll have an event.

Originally Posted by Ilto View Post
Hi Djg, I realy love the hack! But i want to ask you some stuff, when does Shaymin appear in the game and are you thinking of making a new HUD, hope you reply and once again, thanks for making the hack

oh yeah almost forgot, like it says in the guide after the 2nd dream, it says to go to the back of the center and an event will occur, nothing happened =/
I still don't know where will Shaymin appears in the game.
I haven't written Shaymin's part in the story...

Also, head behind the Center...
That's where the event will occur...

Originally Posted by liam7653 View Post
i started playing beta 2 its come very far

Originally Posted by Shinigami* View Post
is the 3rd gym the ending of the beta 2??

i like the game you made DJG..

i'm glad that you fixed the house with no exit door..
and the city that when you leave the city.. youre char says ANGEALLEN..
thanks for the updates.
sure. no problem.
I hate glitches so I kill fix them as soon as possible.

Originally Posted by Nicolas View Post
are the 4 guardian dragons for RR in LoG?
more importantly, who's the main legendary in the game....
D/P/P tiles are much better but it's your choice whether you cahnge it or you stick with your current trend
The four guardian dragons are in the game.
The main legendaries in the game..?
well, er... Shaymin and Giratina but still not quite sure...

about the tiles, I still need to think...

Originally Posted by Ray Maverick View Post
My Post.....

Its progressing is see.But it isnt too difficult for you DJG to handle all the mapping and scripting?

I'm not writing every time i post this CSS design
It's not difficult.
I enjoy scripting and mapping.

Originally Posted by colcolstyles View Post
Given the fact that he has already completed two previous hacks (two excellent hacks might I add) in the series, something tells me he can handle it

Originally Posted by • Angie • View Post
w0w~.. it got 3 versions!!
nice nice nice!!
h0pe y0u will make m0re..

-Angie : D
the versions are the fixed versions...
download the latest, 3.1, since it has the most number of bug fixes...

Originally Posted by iKnow View Post
Well, what do you do after the Zapdos event @ Rainbow City?
head back to Boulder City and get your 5th badge/symbol...



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