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Originally Posted by voltachu View Post
i cant open it it doesnt open

I'm assuming you extracted the game to a folder, right? Open Rpg Maker '03 or '00 (whichever you have), go to "Open", browse to the folder where the game's folder is by pressing the three dots at the bottom (next to the directory it's in; if you extracted it, and the GlitterGold folder is in rpg2003's Project folder, for example), and then click it in the list of projects in that folder.

...Know what? Just to avoid this all in the future, let me just fix that demo and upload it again...D=

EDIT: Okay, after opening the game up, I saw that the game already starts you off at the intro map, where it's supposed to. So I don't know how people start at Lake of Rage. Whoever's looking to play, make sure you're downloading the demo that's linked to in the first post.
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