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Originally Posted by Wichu View Post
Thanks. I'm also working on recoding all the other menus, too; my aim is to get rid of all text-based menus altogether.

Here's an example of what I mean:

The controls are pretty intuitive. Pokémon are selected with the C button (equivalent to A). To switch two Pokémon, select one, then the other.

To view a Pokémon's summary screen, select it, then press C on it again.

To give hold items, either select Item (which brings up the items screen), choose the item, then select the Pokémon you want to hold it, or select a Pokémon without an item, and then select Item. Taking and replacing items works similarly.
Finally, to use a field move, select the Pokémon and then select Moves. This will show the moves it can use; select one to use it. I'm planning on eventually having the Moves button show every move usable by Pokémon in your party; however, this hasn't been implemented yet.

Any comments or suggestions?
Is the selection screen also like this during a battle? And what should this look like during double battles? Very nice work on that selection screen.
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