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Quote originally posted by ~Watermelon:
Fascinating. Good luck!
Also, how many Fakemon have already been sprited?
About 20 fronts sprites, but only about 5 back sprites have been done. I'm going to be working on a lot sprites after my exams finish.
Quote originally posted by Blazers:
I actually liked the other menu better.
I love it, the style is so smooth.
Nice job.
What did you like about the other one better?
Quote originally posted by Shaggy Typhlosion:
Is the selection screen also like this during a battle? And what should this look like during double battles? Very nice work on that selection screen.
In battle, the screen is the same, but without the Moves and Item buttons. In a double battle, you have two Pokémon at the top instead of one. That is, unless somebody comes up with a better solution (maybe a D/P-esque system?)...