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I'd be careful talking about the accomplishments (or supposedly the lack thereof) of the people who work hard researching the possibilities of hacking D/P/Pt. I'm not one of them but they might take offense at that.

Anyways, I personally have no interest in hacking 4th generation games so I'm not so bummed about the lack of progress. Post-R/S/E pokémon really piss me off due to the lack of creativity put into them and I'd much rather prefer hacking a game I played through than something I've never experienced firsthand.
Still, that's not to say that there hasn't been progress towards hacking 4th gen games. Yes, there isn't much but people have made some discoveries (I'm sure they could go into a lot more detail about them than I could) and there a few tools out there, although I haven't tried them. As long as there is a demand for 4th generation hacking tools, people will continue researching. I say we just let them take their time with it

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