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Quote originally posted by uchiha sasuke:
if you really want to know, download the walkthrough written by dirk123 (you will find it some pages back in this thread).
It includes everything you want to know!

Link (or Zeikku), why don't you include the walkthrough in the first page?
It is really helpful and can add to the game's popularity. I hope the credits are not the problem!
This is what I got from LaZ on May 10th
Quote originally posted by linkandzelda:
Hello there.
Thanks for the walkthrough you made and also the bug reports. They were helpful to me and hopfully the other users.

I will add it to the first post soon after I finish looking through PMs ¬_¬

Thanks again
I guess he forgot to add it because of the gazillion PM's he receives ;)

Quote originally posted by Roxasabridged:
When I saw him, I was in the maze of tree's, and when I ran around to talk to him, he was gone...

I thought he was a glitch or something...
He only appears very rarely from what I have seen. Maybe he is at other spots too, seems his dialogue implies that you met him before....
Hacks that I support inside spoiler

Follow this link for the Pokemon Liquid Crystal Walkthrough:
Follow this link for the Pokemon Liquid Crystal Pokemon Location FAQ: