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My HOENN team is:

= Breloom LV. 37
Mach Punch, Giga Drain, Dynamic Punch, Brick Break.

= Manectric LV. 35
Shock Wave, Thundervolt, Iron Tail, Spark

= Linoone LV. 45 (the highest level and fav, you have a problem with that?)
RockSmash, Surf, Fly, Strength (He might be an HM slave, but he can kick your butt hard)

= Gardevoir LV. 49
Physic, Calm Mind, Confusion, Flash (turned out that flash does something)

= Blaziken LV. 44
Blaze Kick, Double Kick, Areal Ace, Fire Blast.

Thats my fav Hoenn team, its my team for now.
ben mate
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