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It has been a very lucky day today! :D

This morning, about 2-3am, I checked my swarm and saw that it was a Spoink.
Thought, meh, can't sleep, might as well go after it!
And so I did, an hour later of chaining, one pops up! :D
Timid nature too :D

Spoink - Take One
Spoink - Take Two

I was happy with that and fell asleep.
About 2 hours ago, I remembered that there are Houndour on that Route, and I think he looks awesome shiny.
So, I thought I would go and PR for him. I needed a break from my revision T_T.

30 minutes later. HE POPS UP!
Houndour - Take One
Houndour - Take Two


Two in the same day, not bad :P

We should make a competition to who can get the best picture of a wild shiny sparkling like yours!
That would be interesting! XD
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