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Umm.. Guys I have a request for a Save File,

ROM used: Pokémon Ruby AXVE U.S.
Player's name: Any Name, but prefferably unoffensive and proper enough for a trailer.
Playing time : Doesn't Matter
Number of Badges: All 8 badges
Location: Infront of Sootopolis City Gym.
Team (Required):

1-Fearow lv.55-65 (60, to be exact) Portraying STARAVIA
2-Poliwrath lv.60-80 (70) Portraying EMPOLEON
3-Tyranitar lv.55-70 (65) Portraying GARCHOMP
4-Arcanine lv.60-80 (70)
5-Spinark (Or whatever it was) lv. 50-70 (60) Portraying EAGEANT
6-Araidos lv. 50-70 (60) Portraying PYRAMIEN

Pokémon in box:
1-Kangaskhan Portraying SHAYMIN
2-Victreebell Portraying TORETERRA
5-Huntail portraying GIRATINA's Origin Forme

N.B.: Box Pokemon should be around lv.70
N.B.B.: Kindly teach the 'Portraying Pokemon' Moves fit for the portrayed Pokémon.
Considering EAGEANT: Legendary Pokemon : FLYING Pure
Considering PYRAMIEN: Legendary Pokemon: FLYING/ROCK

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