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Quote originally posted by luker05:
Okay, update on my situation. Aparently the only problem I get is when I need to insert a back sprite and it tries to load it. I'll post my back sprite here, and can someone try replacing bulbasaur in FR, and using him?
HEre's the sprite:

Just try inserting it over bulbasaurs back sprite in FR, then selecting bulbasaur and begin the fight with gary

um... what was your problem again?

Quote originally posted by 874521:
What palette? I'm sorry if I really don't understand.

pallete is the color of the sprites...

Quote originally posted by NatureKeeper:
Jagold, Umm.. It'd be nice to post a tutorial how to edit cries too!

I am wondering how to do that as well...

Quote originally posted by 874521:
How to change the color of the back sprite? Because when I tried on my rom, it has a shiny color.
Why is it blurred and small :-)

after you inserted your front sprite together with it's color, you don't have to insert the backsprites alelte 'cause you already done that with the front sprite...

Quote originally posted by kozboz:
i couldnt get it to work
i was trying to make machamp be four arms from ben 10 lol

what is your problem? :\

Quote originally posted by Pokepal17:
Hey DJG, to make the sprite appear right in unLZ (so it isn't the original Pokemon if you repointed in the new palette) delete the .spr and the .pal files and then the Pokemon's image should appear find But it may be in a new position in unLZ :\

I already knew that.


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