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Quote originally posted by Gamer2020:
Wow you have actually given me a reason to log into youtube!

He he thanks :)

Quote originally posted by Trackstar:
XSE, the next generation of scripting. Say no more to PokéScript.
Your tools are awesome, great, whatever means Great. I like them all.
Im going to try them out now, wish me luck ;)

Hell yes! :D

Quote originally posted by Lucario Level X:
Thank you so much! I will finally be able to start on my first hack! I can't thank you enough!

You're welcome ;)

Quote originally posted by X-Buster:

Excellent HackMew.. can't wait for the tools you working on..

I can't wait too :)

Quote originally posted by ville!:
i've a problem with FSF and hack-unlz, cuz i wanna add new sprites, but i think that the room has a limit, cuz i added 47 sprites and they worked, but now, i wanna add more sprites, but the last sprites doesn't work!

I don't know if the "room" has limits, but the ROM doesn't have a 47-spite limit or something. So you must be doing something wrong. Did you uncheck the Auto abort option perhaps? Which offset did you use? Please be more detailed.

Quote originally posted by MiloticLover:
Nice tool HackMew. I'll be using them.

Thank you :)

Quote originally posted by ~Watermelon:
I have a cool feature for XSE:
You open Insert > the word.
So you don't have to write the POKéMON with the accent e.

Insert words like:
- Rival's name
- Player's name

And it would automatically write the word:

Well... What's the problem with the accent? You can either insert "é" as a symbol through the Text Adjuster or just press Ctrl+E (always in the Text Adjuster).

TO ALL: Video - take 3!

And, in case you missed the other two:

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