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hello everyone, I'm back at hunting again, I had a busy week, but now I've free time.

Quote originally posted by Storm_Dragoon:
Shiny Onix finally hatched last night :D. I was getting ready for bed, so I decided to start the 51 box of eggs. I took 5 eggs for that box, and I started hatching them. The first two eggs were normal Onix, and I was going to give up(as I was tired), but I kept hatching the other 3 eggs.
Cogratulations. Good luck with Cyndaquil.

Quote originally posted by It's Just Fufu:
Speaking of Platinum, I purchased my own Platinum yesterday, but I started SRing for Piplup just an hour ago. I really hope Piplup shines soon, there are so many other targets I'd like to hunt for! Anyone want to race for a shiny starter?
I'm SRing for a shiny starter too, I'm in the race.
Good luck with Piplup.

I have had my DS on me to keep me from going insane and SR for that Palkia, and it finally came! :D:D:D
It took over my revision a little XD
3 hours of chaining. I broke the chain at 30 twice! GAH!
But it paid off! :D
Congratulations on Palkia and Larvitar.

By the way, It's just me or things are going slow.

See you later and good luck everyone.

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