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lol well heres another piece that will probably never get a response but eh whatcha gonna do? this is one Ive been sitting on for a while. I looked at it and realized how bad it actually was(not one of my best pieces lol) so I did a little editing, but I just can't seem to get it down. anyhow any help that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. = )

Icarian dreams

Oh to soar unbounded,
beyond the problems of this earth
on waxen wings...
to reach the heavens; to touch the sun;
survive to soar again,

in slumber, blankets sheathed
from distant midnight skies
set my lofty ambitions,
against laws of logic;

And the glare, the rusts
that held me fast, give way
to flights of fancy...

a proud indignation,
glory days,
waft away.

prosperity, wealth all but an illusion
fading as spirits do;
no reconciliation,
no requiem sung for the beloved.

Now boast of pridefulness;
sins of the hypocrisy do not condemn.
as you may fly to the sun,
and nary a wing will burn

rest has come at last
and what was dreamt
now dreams.
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