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Yeah...not a hack. (Dunno why people keep thinking that, since this is the Game Dev forum...)

Slight Update!
Well, first off, sorry about the lack of updates, guys. I'd been trying to get things up to speed with my GX subbing and 5D's comparisons for the last week. Now then, I'm still going over stuff before Goldenrod and Route 35 to fix the little mistake I did in playing the "blip" sound with a lower volume than it should've been while you're talking to people, as well as revising a few things along the way. For example, I ripped the sound for a phone call being made and one being ended from the Pokegear (I'll add them to the Resource thread), so those will be used in any instance of the Hero receiving a phone call. As for the Phone itself, I've yet to finish the Phone system, though I had started using LegosJedi's Cell Phone tutorial a while ago around the time I gave this demo to Pingu, and I'll make sure I try to finish it, either for this next demo, or for the one after.

Now, I do have a question for you guys: I'm revising the Azalea Gym, and I noticed the way I had it was different from the layout in the games, with the map tiles being off a bit and whatnot, so I fixed that. However, I'm wondering if you'd like it if it was set so that the path to Bugsy would only be open if you beat all the underling trainers, or to be open already, regardless of how many of the UTs are beaten (ala the original GSC).

Also, I'll still take ideas for that one house on the Goldenrod Pier.
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