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Hello, there. I've been noticing something, and I'm sure you have too. Hacking is seemingly dying, and I think it's because of the attitude of the hackers around here today. There's a lack of leadership; no one hack really stands out from the rest. So, I have devised a document that I hope will help inspire everyone to become more positive about their hacks, and will get everyone to try as hard as they can to stand out. Also, if I write any more, uh, inspirational documents, they will be placed here with an update.

Now, with destinedjagold's permission, I lay my document before you.

It's been a long time since I've been gone.

With the emptiness that followed my leaving, came realization:

Realization of who I am and what I have yet to become – realization of why everyone and everything around us only seems to f a l l

My time away from this haven was spent searching. Searching for the answer to an unsolvable question.

This question – it's almost indescribable. Like the feeling of torment; the feeling that broods deep under your skin. It's the one feeling that burns you up from the inside – it's, simply fitted, the feeling of failure.

“Why, why is our hobby – our pastime, our lifestyle – why is it falling, failing, dying?”

The answer to that question does not lie within our unpredictable future; it lies in our scars from the past.

The people around us – the leaders of their era – they're rapidly disappearing. Those people who ushered us in with friendly smiles; the ones who taught us how this world we live in worked; the ones who built the tools that we use to create – they're leaving, whether from forgotten interest, or lack of time, or both.

Before, all of us stumbled blindly, sticking to a path worn from use by those people – our leaders, our elders. No one dared to stray away from the path, for fear of getting lost and left behind.

And as our elders slowly fade off the path, all of us – we no longer move forward, because we don't know which way to go.

“A tree doesn't grow in a straight line.”

Instead, it branches out, spreading its leaves in a thousand and one directions. Each branch represents a choice, a different path, one untreaded.. a path without a leader.

There's a time to lead, and there's a time to follow. Right now..

Take the reigns, and branch out to your own direction.. to your own path.

It's your time..
It's our time to lead.

Thank you for taking the time to read. Please, comment on your feelings/opinions below.
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