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To be honest, I will be one to admit that hacking isn't going too well. It may not be dying in spirit, but in quality it is. Good hackers have gone, more hacks that are never being finished are arriving. This is a reason why I dislike mapping. I hardly see any good maps anymore. Most are too poor to even comment about. This goes for hacks. The good ones never get finished, and the bad ones get criticised. The "new" hacker also seems to be unwilling to accept Constructive Criticism nowadays, saying they are being insulted, and none are said, when it is being said. Hacking isn't what it was... The only thing that actually annoys me in the new hacking times is the fact that people are getting lazier. they expect everyone to do it for them sometimes...

I consider myself a newbie in some aspects, but the newbies nowadays... Anyway, everything that makes a certain hack unique can be easiy copied. there is no unique thing in hacks anymore. Everything unique has been done...

So what are you saying? We need a hack that is better than the rest? Umm, that will spark arguments, and competitiveness...

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