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Originally Posted by Imposter Oak View Post
ROM hacking isn't dying, outside of Pokemon hacking and a few other high-selling title scenes the average quality is pretty damn high. There are a number of so called good Pokemon hacks too, still being developed, so it isn't over for Pokemon entirely though. I don't think it's inspiration that's the problem for newer hackers, there are a number of more obvious things that are affecting overall quality in this place (and YouTube ):
  • The age of most Pokemon ROM hackers is now quite low, which means bad grammar, spelling, lack of commitment, experience etc. Although there are exceptions, you've got make sure ROM hacking is for you, for a start.
  • Lack of technical understanding. Tools, tools, tools. Not a problem in itself but it leads to secondary infections. Anything outside your basic low-level tools are meant to make full-scale Pokemon hacking more practical not more sloppy. The only ones who can really use high-level tools well are the people who can hack without them (hex editor!).
At the cold light of day creative Pokemon ROM hacking isn't just about coming up with ideas, it's being able to implement those ideas successfully. This line of work is a strange fusion between game design and "real" ROM hacking (using Google, look up a document by InVerse called "On the Essence of ROM Hacking").
I agree with most said here, apart from the age part. Umm, it isn't due to age. It's how much people care. Some people hack, but take no notice on what they do. This is why we have this thread I think, to make them realise how rubbish some of them are, with Grammar Errors, bad mapping and bad scripts, as well as (the easiest thing to do) tiles. This is making them aware of the errors, and saying to get over them, I think...Not sure, but that is the impression I get.

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