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Quote originally posted by Xatoku:
Alright Min and Cal, you've been accepted, remember guys, think hard about where you want your character to be seen for the first time. Here are some good suggestions:

Silver Conference
Elite 4 Preliminaries
Any Gym Throughout Johto Preliminaries
Charcific Valley

Enough said, btw I'll be having Silver steal Totodile for the game. AND about the tiles, I don't care really if they're overused because as I'm using those tiles, I'm inserting some of my own, such as the houses in New Bark.

cool. Thanks for accepting!

just as a fun fact- the character's outfit is a pink jumpsuit with a hood... hence the lack of separation from the shirt-area to pants-area. lol

And I mentioned this above, but reminder- Min meets Silver after he beats Whitney but the battle in Ecruteak. (anywhere in that city- first visit- is fine.)
If they can meet in the collosseum too that would be cool! And maybe other places along the way, where Min tests Silver's skills.