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Aww, thank you! =D Don't worry, you don't have to run over the rest of the story. There's not very many chapters left anyway. I posted the request for someone to beta it when the story was about a fourth of the way through, and to be honest I didn't expect anyone to even look at the thread now. xD

You're right, I felt my liking for both Mesprit and Cyrus go up while writing Metal Coat too. The first draft of this story was written before I learned the 'quote-comma rule', and even though I went over it I might have missed some things. Dark and angsty fics are not my kind of story, and seeing as most of the plot was thought up at eleven at night waiting to fall asleep it's not a very serious story.

I was a bit worried about the whole Yami-and-Cyrus-are-related deal. Like I said before, I made up Yami when Diamond and Pearl just came out - I wasn't a very good author or roleplayer back then. xD I figured that if I was ever going to confirm that they were brother and sister, it would probably be best to do it near the end of the story so that such a clichéd detail wouldn't seem quite as blunt.

And there is a reason for breaking the fourth wall, I assure you.

Anyway, thank you so much for reviewing this. I don't know why there's been a grand total of about five posts that weren't by me either, but I think it's because this is my first story on here. x3
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