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Hmm... It could be interesting if done well. Of course, the same applies to all fics really. So long as you can write the story in a way that catches readers' attention and comes out well-written, any idea can be turned into a decent fic.

As for the concept itself, it's got originality. At least, I've never come across a Pokemon fic with a similar concept. You'll have to explain quite a bit to make it seem more realistic, though. Like bobandbill said, it's important to make sure your readers know why the Shinx and Houndour were abandoned in the first place. You probably will also need to explain why the Luxray who raised them is alone, or why she didn't just take in the Shinx and leave the Houndour to die (as you implied some sort of rivalry between the two species would be a major part of the plot).

The idea isn't bad or good as it stands; you only offered a two-sentence summary and a title so we can't tell very much about it. Just depends on how you plan on working it out...
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