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As a newbie, I can't say a lot, really, and I probably won't have the opinion held in highest regard, but what I can say is.. The problem I see lies in the difficulty of making a hack. And I don't mean the difficulty in a situation as follows...

1 "I know how to hack"
2 "Oo, let's make a hack"
3 "This is hard work, I'm lazy"
4 "I quit."

I'm sure that's rarely the problem. Sure, it happens, but the true problem is more like this.

1 "I'm really inspired to make a hack"
2 "Let's get some tools"
3 "Okay, I kinda know how to use these because they have nice interfaces"
4 "Umm, wow, I can't really make anything better than that one dude's Leaf Green +"
5 "Okay then, I'm not gonna give up, let's look for hacking tutorials"
6 "Uhh.. Okay.. There's some mediocre mapping and scripting tutorials out there.. A couple scripting tutorials tell you how to do either really basic stuff or some really specific stuff"
7 "Great, none of the tutorials are really telling me what the programming I'm looking at is, how to program/script at all in general, and how to do basic things that'll make a Pokemon hack possible (like making a guy come in from the north and talk to you when you walk on a certain space or something)"
8 "Though I have the spirit to hack, I have to quit, there are plenty of resources to help me, but there's not anyone to teach me how to script or map in a better way than tinkering with Advance Map and not getting anywhere"

That's my opinion on it. I would be glad to make a hack, especially since I have another enthusiast, but there is NO way for us to easily learn how to script. And I'm not expecting scripting to be easy, what I'm saying is, there's no easy way for us to find someone who's willing to teach us for an extended period of time until we can do things on our own.
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