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Pokémon Plasma Blue
Possible rename.

Hey everyone this is my new hack coming up called Pokémon Plasma Blue
and it is a FireRed hack.
so well urmm... heres the thing works not started its just a idea but!
it will me made if people will help and join the team so here is what i need
Scripter:basicly someone who will be making the scripts
Spriter:someone who makes sprits
Mapper:someone who can redisgn the map
Imager: some who can make images that are needed
City maker:some who will make the city come to life
as you are reading this you think that im just asking someone to make this for me NO! its a team rom so i will do something which will be map design, city design and the story line
this is going to be made with care and love
so it hopefull will be great
Things you need to know
1.any ideas are allways appreacated please post them if they are good engough they will be used:D
2.if you want to help but dont know what you could do pm me and tell me your skills
3.if you help you will be part of the Kzuma team and there will be user bars and other things so feal free to make them
4.we will rename it name ideas are welcome aswell
5.the story line is not complete its basic idea are good

Now enough of that game time!
simple overview:
there are two pokedexs each containing 150 pokemon when
you the complete the pokemon leuge (this is called called kirois region)
you travel back in time(hit by a timebeam) to the (need and name ideas?)region and defeat the pokemon leuge there do the gym and then you travel to the kirois regoin and professor..(needs a name) will combine you two pokdexs and create 1 pokedex with 300 pokemon and tell you about the mythical 301th pokemon and it its up to you capture it after you have you talk to ...(basicly bill in the old game) he has created a time machine so you can catch all of the pokemon (there will be one pokemon in each region(legendry)that you canont catch untill you have catched the 301th pokemon)
but thats is it no saying any more!
its all for you to find out.
so if your are intersed just say

My Hack
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