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Thanks, DK and MM. :D

I got a 40 chain for Makuhita today; I've gotten two shinies so far. I'm catching them in Repeat Balls simply because I don't know what a shiny Hariyama would look good in! After I'm done, I will resume hatching eggs for another shiny Porygon. I need to get a Masuda shiny already. >_<

Now I'm at Pattern Bush on FireRed. I'm training Omanyte there (not EV-training, mind you) while I hunt for Spinarak/Heracross. On LG, I decided to soft reset for Clefairy as well.

As usual, Ruby remains unused. My focus will turn to Diamond and Platinum for the next few days.

Good luck, everyone!

Credit goes to ShinysHunters Forum for the image.

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