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Originally Posted by burningfoot View Post
I'm wondering, why does hardly anybody write them? And for most that do, finish them? And why are they all in script format?
To object to the last question (unless you're talking about the finished ones), I don't believe bobandbill's parody of Pokémon Colosseum is in script format.

That said, my theory, in reverse order, is the following:

Script Format: Because if you do it incorrectly, it becomes the easiest kind of prose you can write. You don't have to include seemingly superfluous words like "Wes said" constantly, and actions and description can be narrowed down to a minimum. Of course, usually, people do script fics incorrectly (as I've implied), so of course, it's the lazy way out.

Unfinished Fics: Loss of interest, really. In order to cover an entire game, you've got to put a lot of effort into it. Hitting up all of the cities and important locations in most games would force the writer to go over at least ten chapters. Kids who start the endeavor don't realize how much 10+ chapters' worth of writing actually is until about chapter six. Then, you've got some people who decide to drop out for something more serious (like an OT story) and some people who just disappear altogether. A few are actually dedicated to their work enough to see it through. This is usually true for a lot of genres in this fandom.

Lack of Parodies: Because although you can rely on fart jokes and a sailor's mouth and still be well-received, parodies aren't exactly easy. You have to work closely with the original, and unless you're consciously creating a running gag, you need to figure out how to create fresh jokes for everything. After awhile, it most likely gets tedious to make fun of every last detail along the way while keeping it as funny as you can get it. If you can make it through, some people will laugh. If you make it through by repeating jokes, that might not be a particularly big audience. And then, of course, some don't make it through after all, if that makes sense.

In other words, it's mostly due to laziness and what's easy, I think.
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