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Yeah, I'll throw my support behind the 'it's not easy' part. Which potentially might explain why it takes me a while to get new chapters out, although that's probably more down to lack of time and a million other projects/interests, and good old laziness. XD

But I try to pay good attention to all sorts of thing in Pokemon Colosseum, and trying to come up with something funny (or leastways, what I think is funny XD) isn't always such a quick and easy job to keep things 'fresh' and so forth, considering just how much there actually is and all. But I find it fun, and do intend to see it out - it'll just take a good while, is all. XD Considering the length of games, that may be another reason why parodies are not done, as mentioned before. (I never had intended my fic to get as in-depth as it is when I first randomly started though XD).
To object to the last question (unless you're talking about the finished ones), I don't believe bobandbill's parody of Pokémon Colosseum is in script format.
Yep - my fic is non-scripty. Although some early chapters might be rather...light. XD

I have seen a startling number of parodies though in the script format...quick and easy, I suppose.
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