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Originally Posted by raftmon View Post
I took on your advice, misty, and i think it worked for my explodyman =D Edit; i made his eye yello

Vannah i Love your bulbatyke soo cute.

I really like your muklas too but i think its left flipper should be pushing the gunk at the bottom outwards and now im being really fickle but it would be great if slime was oozing off the shell and into muklases body.

I'm only being fickle because i love your work =)

I'm gona save that bulbatyke to my pictures i like it soo much

Edit: added some of my other sprites. i made the first 4, my friend made the last 2 and we both made the two middle snakes
Yeah. I was very messy on most of those. ;; Anyway, great job on your new sprites. They're a lot cleaner. I especially like the first three (despite the fact the the 3rd still has some black background under the head leaf. :x). The fourth was bit hard to distinguish, I guess. The others are alright, but they aren't really... believable? (I wanna say.) Like on the yellow Nido-bok you can clearly see where you cut it off with the leaf-petal things. Try editing them a bit to look more like they're going around the body. That's just my pickyness though. :3

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