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Originally Posted by It's Just Fufu View Post
No, you said "the trio of birds was a little annoying, I just went back and forth between Sandgem Town and Route 202".

You explicitly mentioned Mesprit, and you collectively talked about the bird trio. Not ONCE did you type the word "Cresselia" in your post, nor did you explain how you go it.

Furthermore, you didn't explain the order in which you got the Pokemon; how are we supposed to believe that you caught them ALL on the same route? Would that mean that your Pokemon Marker App (or whatever it's called) had FIVE marks all on the same route? Excuse, but that's a little suspicious. Furthermore, I find it hard to believe that you didn't even mention this to us, waiting to "find them all", and the fact that it took only a few days makes your claim more dubious.
I completely understand where you are coming from Fufu.
I know it is a little unbelievable :/
Actually, it is very unbelievable, which is why I can understand you not believing me.

Ok, I will start from the beginning. Hope it helps you and everyone to understand.

Ok. Unix was caught on the 26th of April.
Unix was my first shiny catch out of these three. I SR for 2 days for him. I say 2 days, it was more like, 10-12 hours in total. I am not sure definite on how long it took me, mainly because I was off and on it while doing revision for my exams.
I caught him in the Acuity Cavern, as you normally do.
I caught him early in the morning before I intended to start revision.
This is one of my favorite pokemon, so that is why I decided to SR for him to be shiny.
Once I got him, I thought I might as well go after the other two.

Azelf was caught on the 27th of April.
Although i caught him the next day, it is more like late night.
I remember this day well, because I gave up with revision. I had got stressed :/
Azelf took me longer me around 8 hours to catch. I started around 2PM. Again, I know that because that was when I gave up revision.
Caught him in Valor Cavern, again, as you would. =]

Mespirit was caught on the 2nd of June.
A big gap between the last catch of Azelf! This is due to my exams and stress. I didn't feel like playing Pokemon or shiny hunting much. Only a few times did I do it :/
This was during my epic hunt for all of the roaming Pokemon. He was caught on 202.

So for the Trio of birds!
So I started with which ever came up first.

That was Zapdos
I used a quick ball for Zapdos on him and it worked...
Shocking isn't it! :D

Second was Moltres
Moltres was a lot harder. I think I was just lucky with Zaptos.
Wabby was in on this one!
Tried a few quick balls, but no luck this time.
Safeguarded so I didn't get burnt by flamethrower.
Looking at how much flamethrower did to wabby, I knew it would bring Moltres down to about 1/5 health when I mirror coated. It did just that.
So, I started throwing a endless amount of balls at him, took me about 30 minutes till he finally gave in. Mainly because he kept using roost, so I had to wait till he was full health again, (2 roosts) then mirror coat him. Eventually, he ran out of roosts! XD Showed him!
I used over all, looking at my bag, 57 ultra balls in total. I know because I had 99 from buying them fresh :D

Finally, we have Articuno
The last of the Birds. Again, going through the normal, I fought him with Wabby. Didn't fancy getting frozen with ice beam, so safeguard as usual.
Ice beam was doing a little less than Moltres's flamethrower, but it was ok. It brought him down to just over red health. Again, took a while. I ran out of Ultra balls, so I had to resort to timer balls, which wasn't so bad. It took a while, so it was only a matter of time! Unless he started to struggle O_O. Though, he didn't :D

Last, but not least. Cresselia
Who was caught in the early hours of this morning!
After going to stock up on more Ultra balls, I started the search again.
This was more of a pain too be honest. Because Cresselia didn't really have any decent attacks, it took a while for it to go down to the health I needed using mirror coat and counter. Yes, counter for slash, as I discovered in the battle O_O
It took a while and a lot of guess work. Finally, I got it to an inch of its life and started to throw those balls. Again, I threw 43 this time. Looking at how many are left now I worked it out.

That is the end of my tales.

I hope you now believe me, because I don't know what I can now do to prove they are my babies! O_O
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