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He also calls Uxie "Unix", lol.

Uxie is the new Linux.

Anyways, I could probably have at least a couple more shinies by now, but other games besides Pokemon have caught my attention.

I'm still hatching my target, though. (Spiritomb)
I'm nearing 330 hatched, but I'm not really doing it the beneficial way.

You see, my friend shinycollector7 on YouTube said that it helps if you hatch at least 150 - 180 eggs in one swoop, and then turn off your game, because each time you turn it off it resets the seeding.
So for a few days I've only played a little and have only hatched about 30 eggs.

There's nothing wrong with it, it's just that I could stretch it out more and possibly benefit from it if I hatched more in one sitting.

That's hard to do when there's other games that I'm playing at the moment.

After I get Spiritomb, I dunno what I'll try to get after that....

Good luck everyone!
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