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Originally Posted by It's Just Fufu View Post
You're right, this is the end of your tales.

According your first post regarding these shinies, you said you used False Swipe AND Wobbuffett.

Here's the evidence.

Oddly, you never ONCE mentioned the use of False Swipe to get the birds down to One HP, nor did you explain how you captured Mesprit in your most recent post.

Mesprit: You basically said you randomly ran into him while you were searching for the other roaming Pokemon, and it just HAPPENED to be shiny. Never mind telling us about how you were prepared to catch a roaming shiny in a simple Ultra Ball. At this point, I'll be hard pressed to believe that you threw an Ultra Ball on the first turn and it stayed in.

Zapdos: Apparently, it was captured by the first Quick Ball. Unlikely, but totally possible and believable for that matter. However, you failed to mention whether or not you even soft reset for it! It sounds like you just found it, and it was shiny the first time. You didn't give us a detailed report of how you went about getting your shiny roaming Zapdos, just like you didn't give us a detailed report about shiny Mesprit. So that's TWO (Zapdos and Mesprit) shinies about which you gave us an extremely diaphanous hunting iternary about.

And yet, all of that guesswork was unnecesarry because you said you got them all down to 1 HP with False Swipe, yet you threw a Quick Ball...that sounds slightly contradictory to me, unless you got go it down to 1 HP in a few turns. However, that, too, is unlikely because you didn't even mention which Pokemon you used to catch Zapdos!

Moltres: This story is believable, except for the fact that you failed to mention any use of False Swipe. But according to your prior post (quoted above, for easy reference) they were ALL at 1 HP. I think that's pretty important to note, considering at 1 HP, one is extremely close to losing a shiny.

Articuno: Again, your posts contradict each other.

Need I say more?

Cresselia: It's the exact same situation as Articuno. Your stories are inconsistent.

Oh, and something I noticed as I review my post: not once did you even mention the use of sleep status to help aid in your capture. Another discrepancy in your posts.

And on a final note, NO soft reset times (not even approximations) were given. I don't know if you took you weeks, months, days, or just hours of hunting. To me, it seems like all this happened collectively happened with one hour of hunting, ten minutes a day on each shiny.

I'm ready for the truth now, Alinthea.
Just one final thing here, all 3 birds are released at the same time, so for him to get all three of them released shiny would take insurmountable luck, virtually bordering on the impossible
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